120 people attended last night in the Corporate Prayer Meeting of Victory Baguio as we begin the Seven Day Prayer and Fasting journey. I was so happy to see that numbers. In fact, we’re praying for it since last year.

Who wont be happy seeing 120 people not eating food just to seek the LORD more than the petitions that they have for this year?

Who would not be happy to see 120 people in faith that 2010 will be a better year for them?

Who wouldn’t be happy to see 120 people asking GOD for wisdom so that they can start the year right and obey the LORD for the rest the year and rest assured, for the rest of their lives?

Who would not also be happy seeing some youth responding to the call of GOD in their lives to minister in the campuses and you see them starting to have a vision and a burden in reaching out their colleagues?

I know in the coming days, our attendance will increase when it comes to our Prayer Meetings. But there is one hope and prayer I really want to cry out to GOD – that our numbers in those Prayer Meetings will be sustain in the coming weeks after the fasting.

I know, most of us are excited to do this Prayer and Fasting for seven days especially those people who are doing this for the very first time. I am happy to see those excited people and I am excited for them too.

Now, let me tell that the fasting period excites me too but what really excites me better are the things that are going to happen after seven days. I can sense miraculous healing coming… Financial breakthroughs on the way… Restoration of relationships increasing… Our nation will turn upside down and greater things are yet to come this year!

I am hoping to hear testimonies of answered prayers during the Prayer Meetings, not only in the scheduled Prayer Meetings of the Prayer & Fasting journey but all throughout the year!

Fear the LORD! Have wisdom! =)


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