After 12 years of not facing each other beacuse of the Montreal Screw job, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart finally buried the hatchets last Monday night on Raw.

I know that this year will be a year of forgiveness! A year where people begins forgetting what is behind and straining forward what is ahead. People are now reconciling with each other and really wanted to start the year right.

Let me share some happenings:

At the start of this year, my mom gave a call and told me that he has forgiven my dad already and the people she had conflict with.

Last January 2, I have a mini-reunion with my some of my college barkadas known as the BBS. We reminisced the good memories that we had before and just laugh at the struggles we’ve been in that past.

When I checked the WWE website on January 4, The Hitman and HBK finally buried the hatchets they had in the past. A thing that we never thought would actually happened.

Today, at the start of the Seven-Day Prayer and Fasting in our church, I heard two stories of reconciliation.

God is doing great in the lives of each one of us.

As I was also reviewing my notes in my One Month To Live readings, I found out that I was bitter with my notes last year but I was so thankful in my notes this year.

One of my friend’s reply in a text message after I shared this one said “Change heart… Change Perspective… You are truly blessed.”

Do you want to be blessed this year 2010?

Let us now bury the hatchets!


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