As usual, I will give you a summary of the blessings I have received in the past years but before I give you the statistics, I want to share you some stories at the end of 2009 and the start of 2010.

Last December 29, I told God that I am the only traveler who don’t travel much! December 30, he started doing something in my travel life. He has answered my request. He sent me to Binalonan, Pangasinan to receive lots of blessings from there. Thank you Tope for the accommodation! =)

I traveled the next day for my Cabanatuan homecoming. I was anxious because I will meet my dad after four months of not seeing him and the hurt he did to my mom. As I saw him, love and compassion reign in me, I went to the restroom before treating him to lunch so I could wipe away my teary-eyes. We went home together and after a the longest four months of my life, I felt the love of my father once again.

After that, I have a re-union with two of my high school barkadas (one attorney and one engineer). Victor treated us with bountiful lunch and they even brought me to my relatives with his car after our lunch.

I made vegetable salad for them and gave my Thank You Card to them. In those simple things and by just being there, our family felt the bond that we have. My aunt even told me that she can feel a great year for us as she felt peace and happiness during our celebration.

I only have a little rest when I returned home. I just took a bath thinking about my provisions when I go back to Baguio because I only have my 200 pesos left (just exact for my fare). I just smiled and said “God will provide!” God’s faithfulness reigned again as we got a visit from my uncle and aunt, they even gave me money so I could buy pasalubong for my friends and leave some money for my dad.

I forgot to tell you that during the fireworks celebration and eating time, my mom called and told me that she has forgiven my dad already and she hopes that my brother will do the same and all of us will live a life of love and forgiveness.

It doesn’t end there. I had a quality talk with my dad before I leave Cabanatuan. He said that he will be back home on the 21st. Thank you Melay, Jesse, K. Gerard, A.Cathy, Juancho, Jhen, Tintin, Nathz and Sally for interceding with me. The Lord has answered our prayers!

The Baguio story will be in a separate blog! =)

Truly, it’s a Happy New Year!

2010: Nowhere to go but up!
2010: A year of Radical Change!
2010: Forgiveness will reign!

All honor and glory belong to the LORD! =)
As promised:
374 answered prayers, 981 unexpected blessings… TOTAL: 1355

631 answered prayers, 841 unexpected blessings… TOTAL: 1472

631 answered prayers, 1151 unexpected blessings… TOTAL: 1782


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