We all know that the COMELEC has extended its registration period for the voters especially for the first timers.

I hope that our students know this stuff and will grab the opportunity to drop by at the COMELEC office in their provinces.

I am looking forward to see these young bloods being responsible in practicing their rights as citizens of this nation. I am also hoping that as they practice their rights, the older people will be challenged and the people younger than them will look up to them as worthy to imitate in the future.

I believe that when our youth will grab this opportunity, our country will be better. It will be better because our young bloods can now choose the next leader whom they trust and will look upon with great respect.

I trust this generation to be the catalyst of change in our nation. I envision them as people who are responsible enough to serve our nation and they will not be afraid to voice out their concerns even to their future leader.

I am also praying that our next president will listen to their voice too. This youth are not only the future of this nation; they are the present army that we have whom I know will help our country to become the Tiger of Asia once again.

To all the youth who haven’t registered yet; I am urging you to grab this opportunity. Don’t wait for three to six years before you can be heard. Start speaking now and voice out your concerns! It all starts by being a registered voter!

LORD GOD, bless the Philippines…


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