Few months ago, our Prayer Meeting Team prayed that the church would be more in love with prayer. We also asked God to increase our attendance before the end of the year. We asked HIM to help us reach the “30-point mark” and reach the “100 point mark” this December.

In some point, we broke the 30 barrier and just last week we reached the 100 mark because there was an this special event called WORSHIP NIGHT. Last night in the prayer meeting, we have a less than 50 in attendance.

I am used to see greater things coming when special events are being held and I am also used to the fact that in every victory there is a backlash.

I went to the WORSHIP NIGHT last week and I really enjoyed worshiping GOD that way when you can feel His presence all over the place. After the event, one of my friends (Ptr. Sherwin), plurked that he’s hoping to see the same number in our Prayer Meetings, so am I!

What I did not expect is the big turn around… I only saw less than 50 people last night as we come to GOD and pray once again as a congregation. It was more than 50% declination from last week’s number. I was expecting that after the WORSHIP NIGHT, the people will see a greater picture and they will be expectant for more of that experience in the coming weeks.

We are are wrong with our expectations but we are still holding on to that vision that this year, our congregation will see and put into their hearts the value of corporate prayer.

The Bible says that if there are two or three people who gathered in His name, He will be there. How much more if we will cry out to GOD as a whole church?

Can you see the bigger picture?

Earlier today, I saw a picture of a Father and his children in my mind.

He is running after his children and when he caught any of his child, he’s embracing them… His children start to grow up and while growing up, they still run but this time, they left their father… The father feels hurt but he keeps running for his children whom some of them have gone astray… One of his child stops running and starts crying, the father is the first one who approaches and gives comfort to that child… The others are still stubborn and thy keep running away – some of them almost ruined their lives but their father comes to them for rescue. As they see their father not giving up to them, they’re about to say sorry for the mistakes that they have done but before they can even say a word, the father hugs them already and he started telling them one by one, “My child, I still love and will love you forever no matter what.”

Going back tot the Prayer Meeting, I am really hoping and praying that it will be the most exciting meeting that we are looking forward to attend to.

I am telling about numbers in the start of this blog. I count people not just for the sake of recording but I count people because their lives count!

Finally, I want to say to everyone that you can feel the presence of GOD not just in a WORSHIP NIGHT but also in the PRAYER MEETINGS or wherever you are!

I hope to see you all in the Prayer Meeting on December 9, 2009, 6:00 PM, Wednesday @ Victory Baguio Center…



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