This is It

michael-jackson-this-is-it-movie-posterLast night (Nov.8), I watched “This Is It” of Michael Jackson in Cinema 3 of SM City Baguio with Sally, Yana and Tania (it was my third movie with Sally, second with Yana and first with Tania)…

We saw how MJ showed his love to his audience and now I know why he was loved by so many because of his gentleness in and out of the stage… His co-workers loved his attitude when it comes to work – he’s really all out!

Last night, I also realized that as MJ put his 100 percent or some more percentage in performing or even in rehearsals, we should also do the same in our lives. Whether we are at work, classroom, home or anywhere, we should give our best shot.

It doesn’t matter if it is just a rehearsal or preparation – we should still give our performance level even in that situation.

Like what I have said in my other blog, when we asked for blessings, are we really ready to receive it?

In that supposed to be MJ’s final curtain call concert, This Is It, it’s like you’re watching him performed live during the rehearsals. You can feel the energy, the excitement, the charisma even from the very start.

He might not be able to perform at the grandest stage of his career but the rehearsals and the movie showed that he really left a great legacy in the world of stage. As he says, “Love lives forever” and so his attitude.

Lastly, I just want to challenge every one to give our best shot in everything that we do. If we are not yet in the main event ofour lives, let us do a performance level even in our practices, training, rehearsals or whatever you call it as a preparation for our grandest stage. If we do, we know when that main event comes, we will still be on our top shape and leave a legacy on stage that can “BREAK-A-LEG!”

Glorify GOD by giving your best shot!



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